20 Jan
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Graduation Season is Coming Soon!

Do You Have a Graduate That You Need to Plan an Open House For?

It’s time to prepare for graduation season! Northern Michigan is again flooded with seniors and families preparing for graduation, college, and open houses. Sound familiar? Got an open house to plan for? Well, we’ve got some ideas.


This part really should be something you can have fun with. Some of the coolest designs that we’ve ever put together for our customers have been open house invitations. Actually, this printable doubles as a graduation announcement, so pick out the best senior photo your student has, maybe pair it with an adorable photo from childhood, and develop a fun design to tie everything together.  Some of the most fun pieces that we’ve ever designed were open house invitations.

Banners & Displays

There are lots of options here. You could scan a bunch of old photos, and assemble them collage-style on to a 24″ x 36″ high resolution print, which could then be mounted to foam board.  It’s a great way to display your photos without destroying the original photos to begin with. Banners are great, as well. It could be as simple as a 3′ x 6′ banner that says “Congratulations, Good Luck at MSU”. Or you could have some fun with it and leave extra white space for all open house visitors to sign, yearbook style.

Don’t forget about directional signage, as well, to help your guests find the open house. Remember, there will be a lot of open houses going on in June, and it might be good idea to have some custom signs made up to distinguish your directional signage from other grads in your area.

Thank You Cards

Always make sure you have some Thank You cards printed up. Thank you cards are still extremely important, and need to be done. But you can still have fun with it! Come up with a design that includes another photo of your graduate, or maybe include some details of college plans.

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