14 Jan
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COVID-19 Safety Graphics & Acrylic Sneeze Guards

Floor graphics, posters, and signage to support your COVID-19 messaging.

With the new environment all business are facing within the COVID-19 shutdown in Michigan, our team has been heavily involved with printing safety and directional graphics specific to this new reality. In recent weeks, we have delivered top quality printing, design and visual communication solutions to clients in several different essential business worlds, such as grocery stores, government buildings, healthcare, and food service. As all of our business begin the process of re-opening to the public, we have developed many different designs for our clients to help both employees and customers understand safety and workflow within each business.

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We can help you communicate and enforce important COVID-19 guidelines within your environment. We can provide signage that can help identify the symptoms of the virus, as well and help with safety protocol for both customers and employees. We have templates already setup to provide you signage and floor graphics for social distancing, posters to promote safe actions, and signage to offer COVID-19 business direction. We can even provide acrylic sneeze guards for service and customer service business worlds, which are a critical component to allowing safe face to face contact, especially when 6-feet separation can’t be guaranteed. You can access our brochure for sneeze guards here.


Reach out to us at printing@copycentraltc.com, and we’ll help you craft the right message for your business. Together, we can create an safer environment.